President and CEO Andrew Yap with Founder and Advisor George Yap

President and CEO Andrew Yap with Founder and Advisor George Yap


In 1977, with funds borrowed from friends and relatives, George and Einez Yap bought a bankrupt company in Liberty City, Miami and began to grow and sell bean sprouts. Hence, the birth of Leasa Industries Co., Inc, in April 1977.

The company was named using the first initial of each member of the family: L. George Yap, Einez and their three children, Andrew, Sean and Allison. The company name is pronounced like Lisa — which is the name of their youngest daughter. The business started with just $175.00 a week in sales but lost $30,000 during the first four months of operation. The company’s gross income during that first year was only $5,000, while debts were ten times that amount. George worked in his business seven days a week, 16 hours per day while his wife Einez, held two jobs to keep the family afloat.


Leasa Industries Co., Inc. today has become one of the largest growers, manufacturers, processors and packers of healthy food products across the Southeastern United States. Leasa brand products are distributed to various retail locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, The Caribbean and Alaska.


Leasa Industries Co., Inc outstanding food products do not have quality or price competition and are Kosher Approved. The company specializes in a variety of health focused vegetable items all of which are produced for both retail and food service. Major clients include Publix Supermarkets, Winn-Dixie Stores, Fresco y Más, Sedanos Supermarkets, Sysco Food Service, and other fine food establishments. LEASA will custom make products to suit the ethnic diversity of taste buds of any geographical area and also offers private labeling.


Leasa Industries Co., Inc offers a wide variety of products that includes bean and alfalfa sprouts, specialty sprouts, value added fresh cut vegetables, bulk vegetables, and it’s famous soy line which includes Firm, Veggie, Cilantro and Spicy Tofu.

Other specific products provided by LEASA include Stir Fry Vegetable Mix, Vegetable Soup Mix, Shallots, Specialty Onions, and many other delicious products!